Iryna Sukhotska


Ms. Iryna Sukhotska is B.S. degree in Biotechnology, master degree in Biomedical Biotechnology from the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Master degree in International Business by the ESIC Business School and PhD candidate in Biotechnology.  She has been Business Development Manager of Biopolis since 2009 and Commercial Director since 2014. She is currently responsible for Public Affairs and R&D Project Management in Biopolis. Since 2009 to the present she has been active in the preparation, management, coordination and development of several European and National R&D projects in the areas of agri-food biotechnology, bio-based industries, sustainability and revalorization of urban and agricultural wastes and byproducts.

2024 Message of SusChem Chairman

2024 Message of SusChem Chairman

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