Gianluca Belotti


Gianluca Belotti studied Industrial Biotechnology at La Sapienza University of Rome, followed by a PhD in Chemical Engineering as well at La Sapienza, and completed his education with a Master in Functional Genomics at University of Catania. After an initial experience as researcher in the field of biomass valorisation he moved to project management and started to being active in international research collaborations. He covered the role of project manager in private research centres in Italy and Spain, leading several proposal elaboration and project execution under FP7, H2020, BBI, LIFE and Interreg. Currently he is working at IRIS, an advanced engineering company placed in Barcelona which has been ranked by the EC as the fourth SME for funding rising under Horizon 2020. During his experience in IRIS he specialized in Business Intelligence and Intellectual Property Management. Among other roles, he is currently the Project Coordinator and the Innovation Manager of two large Innovation Actions under the BBI work programme.

2024 Message of SusChem Chairman

2024 Message of SusChem Chairman

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