SusChem 2017 Brokerage Project Idea Presentations and Posters


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Proeject Idea Presentations:

Susana Aucejo - Carmen Martínez
Call Topics: CE-SPIRE-10-2018, CE-NMBP-26-2018, CE-SPIRE-10-2018, CE-BIOTEC-05-2019, CE-SC5-01-2018
Creating new plastic recycling processes

Massimiliano Barletta, Università degli studi "Rom Tre" 
Pharmaceutical containers in high barrier bio-derived PLA

Fernando Casal, CIQUS
Call Topics: DT-NMBP-02-2018, DT-NMBP-12-2019
High-Throughput Calorimetry

Paola Castrillo, VERTECH GROUP
Call Topics: BBI-D - 2018
Advanced Bio-based fibres and materials
CE-SPIRE-02-2018, BBI-2018
Revalorization of citrus peels through energy efficient technologies

Susanne Coles, ktn-uk / SusChem UK  
UK company interests in H2020 2018 call topics

Call Topics: DT-NMBP-10-2019, DT-NMBP-09-2018, DT-FOF-06-2019, CE-SPIRE-05-2019, CE-SPIRE-02-2018, CE-SPIRE-10-2018, CE-NMBP-26-2018, CE-NMBP-24-2018          
ARKEMA: Calls of interest

Andreas Falk,  SusChem Austria
Austrian interests in H2020 call topics

Ferran Martí Ferrer,  AIMPLAS
Call Topic: SC5-12-2018
Biological reactor for wastewater treatment

Peter Glavic, SusChem Slovenia 
Call Topics: CE-BG-07-2019, LC-BG-03-2018   
UM, FKKT, Laboratory for Separation Processes and Product Design
Call Topic: CE-SPIRE-03-2018
Reduction of energy and other resources under uncertainties through resources integration at company‘s and regional level

Michael Heine, Augsburg University
Call Topic: CE-SPIRE-03-2018           
Micro Flow Reactor Approach for New Polymers
Call Topic: DT-NMBP-01-2018 
Process Adapted Polymers

Lieve Hoflack, Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant
Call Topics: Biotec-03, Biotec-04, SPIRE-03, SPIRE-10, NMBP-23-2018
Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant Project Proposal

Eduard Piqueras Jover, Eurecat
Call Topic: SPIRE 02 - 03 - 04 - 05 - 06 - 10
Material feedstock processing using Plasma MW

Jurga Juodkazytė, Center for Physical Sciences and Technology, Vilnius, Lithuania
Corrosion and Wear-resistant Aluminum Coatings
Aqueous Electrochemical Energy Storage Systems
Call Topics: DT-NMBP-18-2019, DT-FoF-08-2019, DT-FoF-09-2020, DT-FoF-10-2020
Flow process application in Suzuki reaction

Michael Kirpluks, Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry
Call Topics: CE-SPIRE-04-2019, LC-EeB-03-2019, CE-SC5-06-2018, CE-SC5-07-2018-2019-2020
Second Generation Bio-based Raw Materials for Polyurethane Material Development

Antonis Kokossis, National Technical University of Athens
Call Topics: CE-SC3-NZE-2-2018, LC-SC3-RES-7-2019
Hybrid Reactor to convert CO2 and bioGAS to SYngas
Call Topic: CE-SPIRE-04-2019
High-efficiency fuel production with downstream process integration and in-situ product recovery
Call Topics: LC-SC3-RES-20-2018, LC-SC3-RES-21-2018
Novel Technological Pathways for Next Generation Biofuels 

Paul Kriekemans - Koen Sonck, De Neef Chemical Processing
Closed loop for the process chemicals in pharmaceutical, chemical and micro electronic industry

Marcos Ierides, BAX & Company
Call Topics: CE-SPIRE-10-2018, CE-NMBP-26-2018
Increase Recyclability of FRP

Ladislav Novák, SusChem Czech Republic   
Project proposals SusChem Czech Republic

Poalo Taddei Pardelli, Spike Renewables Srl
Hydro Thermal Liquefaction (HTL) pilot plant

Barbara Tisler, National Institute of Chemistry, Slovenia 
Call Topic: NMBP-21-2020
Advanced and high performing polymers 

Manuel Garcia Roig, CIDTA
Call Topics: CE-SC5-01-2018, CE-SC5-06-2018, CE-SC5-07-2018-2019-2020, CE-SC5-07-2020, SC5-21-2019-2020, CE-SC5-22-2020
Recovery of metals from hazardous industrial metal-rich sludges
Call Topic: CE-SC5-04-2019
Constructed wetlands for metal removal from industrial wastewaters in rural areas of environmental significance
Lien Van der Schueren, CentexBel
Call Topic: CE-SC5-01-2018
PVC Recycling

Antoine Wellink, Radboud University
Green OrganoPhosphorus-Catalysed Production

Gunnar Widforss, Mälardalen University
Call Topics: DT-ICT-07-2018-2019, DT-SPIRE-06-2019

Martin Winter, Clariant 
Call Topic: CE-SPIRE-02-2018
Processing of Material Feedstock using Plasma 


  1.  3D Printed Systems for Chemistry and Energy Applications
  2. Conversion of Agricultural Waste, Sludges and Pulp Residues into Nanofibers for Innovative Polymer Composites
  3. Cooperation Profile and Technology Offer
  4. Energy Storage: Solid State Electrolyte Novelty from Biomass & Alkali - Ion Derived Conductive Biopolymer
  5. Project Idea: High-throughput Screening Calorimetry
  6. Recuperation of Critical Raw Materials Using Regenerable Structured Sorbents
  7. SusChem 2017 Brokerage Event 18.10.2017. Seeking for Cooperation in H2020 Calls

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