The Advanced Materials 2030 Initiative is now up and running


Together with EUMAT, EMIRI and MANUFUTURE, with the support of the Materials 2030 manifesto signatories and of the European Commission, SusChem is steering the Advanced Materials 2030 Initiative.

As underlined in the Materials 2030 Manifesto published in February 2022, to remain competitive and meet customers’ and citizens’ needs for high-performance sustainable products and services, Europe needs a systemic approach to develop innovative advanced materials to offer faster, scalable, and efficient responses to the challenges and opportunities for Europe’s society, economy, and environment

The Advanced Materials 2030 Initiative was born with the aim to accelerate the development of sustainable advanced materials as the backbone of the green and digital transition and a source of prosperity and sovereignty in Europe. This will be achieved through an ambitious Research and Innovation Agenda, feeding a pipeline of industrial projects, as well as through mobilising resources and actors.

SusChem invites stakeholders to join the Advanced Materials 2030 Initiative and contribute in the coming months to translate the draft roadmap released in June 2022 into an actionable Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda.


Driven by Europe's green and digital transitions, the Advanced Materials 2030 Initiative is addressing advanced materials discovery and development, associated manufacturing and processing technologies, integration into components and products and life-cycle management towards a circular economy.

Our working method

The Advanced Materials 2030 initiative provides an open and inclusive forum to coordinate and maximise the impact of joint actions and projects by engaging all stakeholders of the advanced materials ecosystems in Europe. For the year to come, the operational work of the Initiative will be organised in thematic working groups according to the key pillars identified in the draft roadmap.

Who can join

Any European organisation with activities of significant relevance for advanced materials development, production and use, that commits to developing sustainable advanced materials value chains for Europe, can join the Initiative at any time (in particular industrial companies, research and technology organisations, academics, and also policymakers, civil society, NGOs,...).

To join the initiative or for questions, visit: