IRISS Workshop on the application of Safe and Sustainable-by-Design concept in materials and chemicals


The IRISS project is a major EC initiative and was launched in June to connect, synergize and transform the Safe and Sustainable-by-Design community in Europe and globally, for a lifecycle approach, with a holistic integration of safety, climate neutrality, circularity and functionality. SusChem and National Technology platforms (NTPs) support  project. 

This first digital workshop, organised by IRISS, will allow participants to:  

  • Get an overview of mapping on Safe by Design in chemicals and materials
  • Get information on if Safe by Design tools can be used to define Safe and Sustainable-by-Design
  • Learn more about how sustainability can be evaluated at design phase of the products and process development
  • Learn more about the value chain perspective on implementation of Safe and Sustainable-by-Design
  • Be included to IRISS project network and receive news and invites to future events

Objectives of the workshop: 

  • To support the 'State-of-the-Art' mapping activities of SSbD
  • To obtain first insights on how to translate the framework for SSbD criteria to practical methodologies and tools for SSbD
  • To identify the applicability of the framework, alongside challenges and barriers from a value chain perspective of SSbD

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