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SusChem 2012 will be Biggest Stakeholder Event

April 2012 Description:The 2012 SusChem Stakeholder event looks like it will be the biggest and best yet! With over 170 delegates set to attend it is important that those that have already registered make the most of the two-day event on 17 and 18 April at the Diamant Conference Centre in Brussels[ [..] Read more

SusChem's 10th Stakeholder Event: Registration is open!

March 2012 Description:Register now for SusChem's 10th Stakeholder Event! [..] Read more

Stakeholder Event speaker highlighted: Prof. Jerzy Buzek

March 2012 Description:Polish MEP Prof. Jerzy Buzek will address the opening session of the 10th Annual SusChem Stakeholder event on 17 April. The former President of the European Parliament and former Polish Prime Minister [..] Read more

21 results