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SPIRE Roadmap

April 2014 Download

SPIRE and F3 show Sustainable ‘Cleantech’ Solutions

March 2012 Description:Both the SPIRE and the SusChem inspired F3 Factory project will feature at a lunchtime event at the North Rhine-Westphalia office in Brussels on 21 March. The theme of the event is ‘Resource Efficiency. Novel Approaches – Products and Processes for a Sustainable Society’ [..] Read more

A.SPIRE for Sustainable European Competitiveness

July 2012 Description:Today (July 18) saw the establishment of the legal entity that will manage and implement the proposed SPIRE Public-Private Partnership (PPP). The A.SPIRE AISBL was launched at a signing ceremony at Cefic offices in Brussels [..] Read more

SPIRE leaflet

January 2013 Download

SPIRE road mapping under way

March 2012 Description:SusChem, together with the other sector partners involved in the Resource and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REP), have started a significant technology road mapping exercise [..] Read more

11 results