European Technology Platform For SUSTAINABLE CHEMISTRY


Enabling Technologies

From the start SusChem identified three enabling technologies that are critical to achieving its vision and mission. These technologies and their associated working groups have formed the basis on which technical challenges in sustainable chemistry have been examined and addressed by SusChem.

The three SusChem enabling technologies are:

  • Industrial Biotechnology – using biological insights to improve industrial processes and products
  • Materials Technology – using knowledge from nanotechnology and advanced material science to provide new materials with new properties
  • Reaction & Process Design – ensuring that the process industry performs in an integrated, efficient and ecologically benign manner as possible

How does this work?

For each enabling technology SusChem working groups have selected innovation targets and developed a Strategic Research Agenda and Implementation Action Plans based on the long-term SusChem vision.

Many SusChem priorities have been reflected in FP7 programmes and projects have been initiated and, where appropriate, managed by the groups.

All three enabling technology working groups engage with their respective stakeholder communities and have developed their own networks across Europe. The groups also work with each other to coordinate their action plans.

More information

If you would like to get involved, or would like more information on working group membership and activities in this area, get in contact via the ‘Join a Working Group’ page.