European Technology Platform For SUSTAINABLE CHEMISTRY



For Europe to become a sustainable, smart and inclusive society requires an appropriately trained workforce.

In order to meet the SusChem goals, innovate successfully and remain sustainably competitive the European chemical sector needs human resources equipped with the right mix of skills. Therefore, one of SusChem’s priorities is to ensure higher education and the European chemical industry work together to build the skills capacity required for tomorrow.

What is SusChem doing?

SusChem aims at facilitating a continuing and constructive dialogue between stakeholders in order to create synergies between the chemical industry and higher education, and systematically introduce key skills for innovation into curricula.

Following a number of surveys, including the recent Cefic ‘Skills for Innovation’ study, which investigated the scientific, technical, business and personal skills that scientists and engineers will need in order to boost innovation in the European chemical industry of the future, SusChem has defined two priorities:

  • Develop industry–academia cooperation on the provision of skills for innovation;
  • Disseminate good practices in relation to teaching methodologies, curricula design, involvement of industry, and the value of active learning for teaching staff.

SusChem has recently initiated the Educate to Innovate programme, which aims at exploiting the outputs from the SusChem related Research and Innovation projects to enhance the innovation skills set of future generations of scientists and engineers through the effective engagement of industry and higher education institutions.

Want to get involved?

The SusChem education work group is looking for the participation of companies and HEI representatives who can share experience and contribute to SusChem activities in education.

If you would like to get involved, or would like more information, get in contact via the ‘Join a Working Group’ page.