Workshop on CO2 Valorisation at EU Industry Day


The PHOENIX initiative aims to facilitate the development and deployment of CO2 valorisation technologies on national and European level.

The initiative will be officially launched during the next EU Industry Day organized by the European Commission.

During the event, the PHOENIX initiative will be introduced to all interested stakeholders from the private and public sectors in an interactive session. This will include an exchange on the value of an integrated European approach on CO2 valorisation to transform technology developments into real benefits for Europe. Additionally, there will be short presentations from industry to showcase the variety of CO2 valorisation projects in Europe (such as mineralization, CO2 to chemicals, CO2 valorisation for renewable energy storage).

The four Members States France, Germany, The Netherlands and Spain which have jointly started the PHOENIX initiative in close collaboration with Cefic are inviting other Member States to join and engage their stakeholders.

This interactive stakeholder workshop will be held on 22 February 2018  from 14.30 to 16.00 in Brussels.

Registration is open at  until 8 February 2018

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