'Towards a New SusChem SIRA' Workshop


The programme may be subject to future changes.

DAY 1:

Registration and Lunch



Opening – The new SusChem SIRA project
Dr. Vivi Filippousi, SusChem Manager/ NTPs coordinator



Parallel presentations & discussion – Part 1

Parallel sessions (cross-fertilization/ multi-disciplinary topics) 

D1-S1: Process Intensification (reaction engineering, digitalization, electrification, modularization, and materials)

Moderators: Prof. Hannsjörg Freund (Universität Erlangen, EUROPIC), Prof. David Bogle (UCL, EFCE), Prof. Andrzej Stankiewicz (Delft University of Technology), Dr. John Nijenhuis (Delft University of Technology), Dr. Manfred Nagel (Evonik), Dr. Armin Schweiger (INVITE GmbH)

D1-S2: Safe-Chemicals-by-Design Innovation (R&I themes relevant to process and materials innovation as well as methodologies towards improved safety and sustainability)​

Moderators: Prof. Peter Fanke (DTU), Ronald Flipphi (MinIenW, NL), Andreas Falk (BioNanoNet, SusChem Austria)



Coffee break



Parallel presentations & discussion – Part 2

Parallel sessions (cross-fertilization/multi-disciplinary topics) 

D1-S3: Circular Economy (biomass valorization, CO2 valorization, waste valorization, circularity-by-design and water circularity)

Moderators: Dr. Ann Dierckx (Cefic), Dr. Ludo Diels (VITO), Dr. Christian Seitz (BASF), Dr. Christina Jungfer (Dechema), Dr. Steven de Boer (SABIC), Prof. Antonis Kokossis (NTUA, SusChem Greece), Dr. Mónica García Ruiz (Repsol)

D1-S4: Sustainability Assessment Innovation (Methodologies, data, tools and uptake)

Moderators: Amy Peace (Britest), Dr. Enrico Benetto (LIST), Prof. Peter Fanke (DTU)


18:30 onwards

Networking cocktail



DAY 2:





Welcome & wrap up from day 1 [rapporteurs]

Prof. Hannsjörg Freund (Universität Erlangen, EUROPIC), Ronald Flipphi (MinIenW, NL), Dr. Ann Dierckx (Cefic), Amy Peace (Britest)



Panel discussion: ‘Strategic Research priorities on Sustainable Chemistry and Industrial Biotech under Horizon Europe’ [SusChem Board members & EC (DG-RTD)]  

Panelists: Jürgen Tiedje (DG-RTD), Dr. Jens Rieger (BASF), Dr. François Monnet (Solvay), Dr. Deirdre Black (RSC), Dr. Fernando Moreno (Solutex)
Moderator: Dr. Pierre Barthélemy (Cefic)



Coffee break



Parallel presentations & discussion

Reviewing the SusChem stakeholders’ input on the new SusChem SIRA: highlights & gaps for high and medium priority technology areas under the main SusChem Pillars, transitioning to Horizon Europe:

D2-S1: SIRA – Advanced Materials

Moderators: Dr. Jens Rieger (BASF), Dr. Deirdre Black (RSC), Dr. Sheena Hindocha (KTN UK, SusChem UK), Dr. Luisa María Fraga Trillo (Repsol)

D2-S2: SIRA – Advanced Processes

Moderators: Dr. Uwe Stelzer (Bayer), Dr. Andreas Förster (Dechema), Dr. Claude Mirodatos (CNRS), Dr. Timothy O'Connell (Clariant)

D2-S3: SIRA – Enabling Digital tech Processes 

Moderators: Prof. Sebastian Engell (TUD), Jane Arnold (Covestro), Dr. François Monnet (Solvay)



Closing remarks, SusChem SIRA next steps
Dr. Vivi Filippousi, SusChem Manager/ NTPs coordinator 


13:40- onwards

Networking lunch



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