SusChem Brokerage Event 2018


To submit project ideas for Horizon 2020-2019 calls, we invite you to go to our GRANT-IT portal at and select "Propose a Project" from the top menu. Startups are also welcome to pitch their companies, for opportunities besides consortia formation under EU calls

By submitting your project ideas it will be made available to the SusChem community and allow interested partners to contact you for a meeting request when the brokerage speed-dating tool is open.


  1. Register & confirm Pitch interest,
  2. Propose a project idea on Grant-it towards the formation of consortia,
  3. SusChem team will review your submission and, if selected, the final version will be uploaded on Grant-it
  4. Explore other project ideas submitted on Grant-it and connect with others before the event itself.

Find here the guide on how to submit project ideas for open H2020 calls (2019-2020) and the necessary steps to prepare for your pitch. 

In early October the participants list will be uploaded on our ConnexMe app to help you enroll for the speed dating session and network before and during the event. More information will be sent to all participants in due time.



GRANT-IT is your one-stop access to funding opportunities from the European Commission and select Regional and National governments in the field of sustainable chemistry. SusChem members can use its resources to identify project opportunities, propose project ideas and search for potential project partners.

For any further questions on how to submit an idea, please send an email to