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SusChem 2017 Stakeholder Event SusChem 2017 Stakeholder Event
Brussels, Belgium Suschem

SusChem 2017 Stakeholder Event

The SusChem Stakeholder Event is the biggest annual event held by the European Technology Platform for Sustainable Chemistry.

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May. 03
SusChem UK hosts BBI workshop in London London, UK Suschem
May. 14-17
2nd Conference for Green and Sustainable Chemistry Berlin, Germany Other
May. 16-17
Mainstreaming Sustainable Chemistry Launch of ISC3 and ISCNET Berlin, Germany Other
May. 22-23
3rd Edition of International Conferences "Green Chemistry and White Biotechnology" Brussels - Belgium Other
May. 31-Jun. 01
Bio-based Live Amsterdam, Netherlands Other
May. 31-Jun. 01
IV Forum SusChem-Spain sustainable chemistry, innovative and competitive companies Zaragoza, Spain EU
Jun. 07-09
WIPO GREEN matchmaking event Geneva, Switzerland Other
Jun. 08
SusChem 2017 Stakeholder Event Brussels, Belgium Suschem
Jun. 13
VERAM Experts’ Workshop Brussels, Belgium Other
Jul. 02-07
16th European Polymer Federation Congress Lyon, France Other