European Technology Platform For SUSTAINABLE CHEMISTRY


SusChem 2013 Stakeholder Event

Date: 14/05/2013 12:00 › 15/05/2013 14:00 Location: Hotel Sofitel Europe Address: 1, Place Jourdan - 1040 Brussels Price: Free

Stakeholder Event

11th SusChem Stakeholder Event

Essential elements for EU Growth and Jobs: Innovative Materials and Processes

14-15 May 2013


Main Session:


Jacques Komornicki - The Root of EU Growth and Jobs


Klaus Sommer - SusChem: A Valuable Tool to Implement Horizon 2020


Fernendo Moreno - Innovation: "New Technologies, New Mindsets, New Cooperation Models"


Ron Weedermester - Preparing for Horizon 2020


Sue Fleet & Michael Matlosz - SusChem: Educate to Innovate


Session on Material Technology/Smart Cities:


Jacques Komornicki - SusChem Proposal for Material Technologies Priorities in Horizon 2020


Ignaas Verpooest - Composite Materials Research Challenges


Walter Lutz -  Boosting Materials Innovation Across Sectors and Value Chains


John Conti-Ramsden - Materials Research and Design


Rinske van Heiningen - Solutions for Smart Cities and Communities


Session on Resource Efficiency:


Joanna Dupont-Inglis - BRIDGE: Realising the Bio-Based Economy Potential in Europe


Christophe Luguel - BRIDGE 2020: Strategic Innovations and Research Agenda


Padraig Naughton & Loredana Ghinea - SPIRE PPP


Examples from BRIDGE


Examples from SPIRE


Peter Jansens - DSM View on SPIRE and BRIDGE


Marina Tamagnini - Novamont Perspective on SPIRE and BRIDGE


Session on Raw Materials:


Claire Claessen - Critical Raw Materials Innovation Network


Anna Auffret - European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials


René Van Sloten - Does Improved Access to Raw Materials in Third Countries Promote or Block Innovation?


Antonia Morales - Raw Materials


Session on Water:


Gernolt Klotz - Is There Innovation in Water?


Gernolt Klotz - EIP on Water Action Group


Renata Korfer - ChemWater


Christina Jungfer - E4Water


Per Moeller & Davide De Francisi - A Symbiotic Industrial Wastewater Treatment Concept Creating Added Value from Microalgae



Photo Gallery: