European Technology Platform For SUSTAINABLE CHEMISTRY


2016 SusChem Stakeholder Event

Date: 16/06/2016 (08:30 › 17:00) Location: The Bloom Hotel, Brussels, Belgium Address: Rue Royale 250, 1210 Brussels, Belgium Price: Free

The 2016 SusChem Stakeholder event was a success!

It demonstrated SusChem's role in building a sustainable future for the European Chemical Industry. The presence and engagement of its members and panelists greatly contributed to the high quality of discussions and put SusChem centre stage as a strong platform supporting the industrial sector. The SusChem website is now updated with a post-event report, presentations, photos and twitter impressions. 

Post-event report on Sustainable Chemistry - Innovation for Competitiveness

  • Morning Presentations
- Opening Welcome - Flavio Benedito, SusChem Secretary and Innovation Manager, Research and Innovation at Cefic
- Strategic topics related to SusChem funding/program - Rudolf Strohmeier, Former Deputy Director General at DG Research and Innovation
- Implementing the new SIRA: Status and priorities - Klaus H Sommer, Senior VP Bayer Technology Services and Chairman of the SusChem Board
- SusChem Initiatives - Working Groups update (sustainable bioeconomy, materials for energy management, processes & catalysis, ICT for processes and water)
  • Factsheets on the five SusChem Innovation Priorities

If you want to have a taste of how it is to participate at a SusChem Stakeholder event, do not hesitate to check the Photo Gallery.
If you want to catch up with the most important tweets that have been shared during the event, check this video for a short recap.

The SusChem Stakeholder Event - "Sustainable Chemistry Innovation for Competitiveness'' is the biggest annual event held by the European Technology Platform for Sustainable Chemistry (SusChem) which brings together the chemical industry, academia, Research Technology Organisations and EU policy representatives to address common challenges and debate priorities in the European chemical and biotechnology innovation sectors.

Check the final agenda of the event HERE!

This event includes a number of exciting activities and present important new developments for the SusChem community, including:
- two lively high-level panel debates to discuss the recently published European Commission Innovation Strategy packages on:
  •   Circular Economy
  •   Energy Union and Digitization.
These two panels brings together strategy experts from the EC and captains of industry to discuss the hot topics surrounding these EC packages, such as:
  • identifying new challenges and opportunities for sustainable chemistry;
  • identifying areas of consensus that align with the priorities of the EC and the European chemical industry;
  • defining new ways forward to ensure that the five SusChem innovation priorities identified are systematically considered in these new high-level policy initiatives.
- the latest news and activities from our SusChem National Technology Platform (NTPs).

The SusChem Stakeholder Event is a high-level initiative that aims to:
  • improve dialogue between our stakeholders;
  • identify innovation drivers for the future;
  • present the European chemical industry as a solution provider to address societal challenges;
  • promote a shared view between the EC and chemical industry, in order to increase synergies and develop solutions on five innovation priority areas:
- Sustainable bio-economy
- ICT for processes
- Water
- Catalysis
- Materials for energy