Joanna Dupont-Inglis first joined EuropaBio, the European Association of Bioindustries, in February 2009 and in April 2011 was appointed Director of Industrial Biotechnology. Her work within EuropaBio involves developing a more supportive, predictable and coherent EU policy environment for the deployment of industrial biotechnology products and processes within the broader bioeconomy.

EuropaBio seeks an innovation-driven EU research agenda for biobased industries, enabled by industrial biotechnology. Coalition building with other sectors of the circular bioeconomy has been a key area of activity, both in the development of the Biobased Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU) and through the European Bioeconomy Alliance.

Joanna also works towards improving understanding of the benefits and solutions provided by industrial biotechnology, as well as promoting it as a key enabler for a more competitive and sustainable bioeconomy. In 2016 Joanna was appointed as chair of the EU Bioeconomy Panel.

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The draft Materials 2030 Roadmap is out

The draft Materials 2030 Roadmap is out

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