European Technology Platform For SUSTAINABLE CHEMISTRY


Vision and Mission

Chemistry: innovation and sustainability

Chemistry was a foundation of the growth of European economies throughout the 20th century. Knowledge gained from chemical research and its application by industry accelerated significantly improvements in the wealth and well-being of European society.

Today, chemistry continues to be a primary driver for growth and sustainable development, with fundamental contributions for sectors in the related value chains.

To rejuvenate our competitive edge and rise to the grand challenges now facing our society, Europe needs to become more effective in innovation. Sustainable chemistry is a critical element in achieving these objectives.

SusChem is a European Technology Platform bringing together industry, academia and society. Our mission is to initiate and inspire European chemical and biochemical innovation to respond effectively to society’s challenges.

Our vision is a competitive and innovative Europe where sustainable chemistry provides solutions for future generations, based upon pre-eminent knowledge levels in Europe, coming together in a collaborative public-private, pre-competitive collaboration framework.

Through increasing knowledge of how to modify and use matter at the molecular level, including use of biotechnology and nanotechnology, we see a future in which chemical research and innovation brings new, safe, high performance products and services rapidly to market, which allow  society ‘to do more with less’ and at a minimal impact on the environment.

Creating solutions together

We foresee a European chemical industry that through technology leadership and innovation is not only highly ecologically efficient and competitive but is also seen as a reliable, safe and responsible leading partner in society.

To achieve these aims SusChem brings together people from across the chemical community and wider society to formulate research and innovation roadmaps that play to Europe’s strengths and address the challenges facing our society.

SusChem facilitates, inspires and leads collaborative research and innovation projects and programmes to fulfil the requirements of agreed roadmaps. It works to ensure that the knowledge generated is effectively transformed into innovative products and services for the benefit of society, in close collaboration with Public parties at EU and National levels, to effectively bridge the ‘valley of death’ for innovation.

Our approach is open, collaborative, cross-disciplinary, cross-sector and inclusive.

For more information on SusChem's objectives, take a look at SusChem's vision document.