European Technology Platform For SUSTAINABLE CHEMISTRY


Working Groups

SusChem working groups, expert workshops and ad-hoc stakeholder discussions on specific elements of SusChem strategy are at the heart of SusChem’s collaborative way of operating.

At its inception SusChem established three Working Groups covering its three enabling technology areas:

These working groups remain at the centre of SusChem’s work to ensure its Strategic Research & Innovation Agenda is up-to-date. The members of these working groups represent a pool of expertise that is called upon to identify priorities and develop programmes on SusChem’s topics.

Four of SusChem’s Working Groups address specific priority innovation areas that relate to some of the main challenges facing society.

  • Raw materials – enabling reuse, recycling and substitution of critical raw materials especially through the development of the Raw Materials for Modern Society innovation initiative.
  • Resource and energy efficiency – building an integrated resource efficiency strategy and, in particular, developing and leading the Sustainable Process Industry through Resource and Energy Efficiency (SPIRE) Public Private Partnership
  • Smart cities – networking and developing joint innovation initiatives to successfully deploy low carbon and eco-friendly technologies for buildings and mobility in urban areas.
  • Water – developing sustainable technologies and water management systems, in particular, working on the Water Efficient Europe European Innovation Partnership.

An eighth Working Group provides expert support to SusChem’s work on Education & Skills.

Want to get involved?

SusChem relies on the expertise and enthusiasm of its stakeholder members. The SusChem working groups and task-specific groups welcome input from appropriately qualified and experienced stakeholder members who can contribute to SusChem activities.

If you would like to get involved, or would like more information on Working Group membership and activities, get in contact via the ‘Join a Working Group’ page.