European Technology Platform For SUSTAINABLE CHEMISTRY


Organisation and Structure

Organisation & Structure

SusChem was founded by six European bodies that represented the main stakeholders from academia and industry in the sector. The European Commission has provided financial and consultative support.

The six founding partners were:

  • Cefic – European Chemical Industry Council
  • DECHEMA – German Society for Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology
  • ESAB – European Federation of Biotechnology Section of Applied Biocatalysis
  • EuropaBio – the European Association for Bioindustries
  • GDCh – the German Chemical Society
  • RSC – Royal Society of Chemistry (UK)


From the beginning SusChem has been an open and inclusive organisation that works for and with its stakeholder constituencies. SusChem is not established as a formal legal entity and carries out its activities through its stakeholders. This encourages a highly collaborative approach.

SusChem’s principal governance body is the SusChem Board, which manages SusChem’s overall strategy and activities.

The activities of the board are supported by the SusChem Management Team, which is responsible for the implementation SusChem strategy.

SusChem’s day-to-day activities and support for both the board and management team are provided by the SusChem secretariat based at Cefic.

Every year SusChem organises a major European Stakeholder event that is open to all stakeholders and anybody with an interest in sustainable chemistry and innovation. In addition an annual Brokerage event is set up to stimulate collaborative participation in EU funded projects, through active consortium creation support.

Working process

SusChem can draw on a wide range of expertise and resources through its stakeholders and associated networks. To deliver the content elements of the platform a number of working groups are in operation that bring together specialists on defined themes, covering technology areas, innovation programmes and education and skills.

SusChem across Europe

SusChem has also established a network of National Technology Platforms in 14 countries across Europe that work on sustainable chemistry initiatives within their own country, support national engagement in EU collaborative projects and programmes and contribute to transnational collaborations.