European Technology Platform For SUSTAINABLE CHEMISTRY


Impact of SusChem

SusChem and the European Research & Innovation Agenda

Since its launch in 2004 SusChem has established the chemical sciences and sustainability as central components of the European Union’s essential knowledge base to make Europe more successful and improve its citizens’ quality of life.


Through highlighting the critical role of sustainable chemistry in addressing society’s challenges SusChem has made a strong impact on the European Commission’s Research Framework Programmes FP6 and FP7.


Analysis of SusChem’s direct input to the European research agenda shows that between 2007 and 2009 FP7 research projects funded to the tune of over € 900 million were inspired by it. In the calls of FP7 projects, we estimate that 30% of the calls are connected to SusChem’s proposals.

Horizon 2020, the new European framework for Research, Development and Innovation that starts in 2014, has an enhanced focus on innovation to ensure that more of Europe’s excellent research ideas are swiftly transferred into successful products and services in the global market. This offers a huge opportunity to boost jobs and growth and increase the competitiveness of the European Union.

SusChem sees Horizon H2020 as a key turning point for research and innovation in Europe and as a major opportunity for sustainable chemistry. The funding available for all aspects of chemistry research and innovation activities in Horizon 2020 will be greater than for its predecessor programme FP7, which in turn was greater than its predecessor FP6.

As an active and acknowledged partner, SusChem has made a significant contribution to policy development in the European Institutions, including but not limited to: the Key Enabling Technologies initiative and important European Innovation Partnerships: Raw Materials, Water, Smart-Cities and Communities.


SusChem is actively engaged in supporting EU-financed projects in research and innovation (Coordination Support Actions): BIO-TIC, R4R, E4Water, CRM_InnoNet to name a few which aim at recommending policies to support innovation and meet societal challenges identified in Horizon2020.


The chemical and process industries hold key positions within critical value chains across Europe. Their active contributions are essential to achieve the smart, sustainable and inclusive growth that Europe desires.

Bridging activities

As well as inspiring new research and innovation projects SusChem has provided a framework to bring academia and industry together. SusChem has enabled an improved industry involvement in European research projects and increased enthusiasm for European collaboration with national governments.

SusChem makes valuable contributions in all aspects of European collaborative activities:

  • SusChem helps formulate the research & innovation agenda by presenting the real needs of industry and understanding what benefits new breakthroughs can deliver


  • Through its Brokerage Database and Brokerage events, SusChem presents calls and helps bring partners together


  • With its tools, such as the Cefic Grant-it initiative, SusChem can evaluate projects, help to develop proposals and suggest the most appropriate funding opportunities.

These activities help speed up and facilitate the funding process – in particular making it easier for smaller industrial enterprises to get involved.

The future

By integrating innovation into its mission, SusChem will contribute to making Europe more successful and support the achievement of the EUROPE2020 Policy objectives for a sustainable, smart and inclusive growth.

SusChem will contribute to catalyse proposals for sustainable solutions to society’s major challenges in partnership with the European and national public authorities. It will do so  by developing and leading large-scale, integrated research and innovation programmes where chemistry plays a significant role. These initiatives will link research and partners along the value chain to real world markets through accelerated innovations, with a public private incentive.

Sustainable chemistry creating solutions together!